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Essentiale N ampoules – excellent protection of the liver

Widely known is the fact that taking antibiotics in humans is the destruction not only bad but also good bacteria. In addition, long-term medication will have an impact on the activities of such organs as the stomach, liver and kidneys.

To reduce the harmful effects of drugs in the treatment of the underlying disease, many doctors simultaneously with antibiotics prescribed cycle reception probiotics and medications, is able to maintain the function of internal organs and cleanse the liver.

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The most commonly used for these purposes, the drug “Essentiale N”, which is available in ampoules for injection. There are several variants of this drug, so before you buy, you should study the manual and determine what you need: “Essentiale Forte” capsules or “Essentiale N” ampoules.

Proper functioning of the liver gives the ability to function normally throughout the human body. The liver for quite a long period of time may not respond to the negative factors that impact on it. However, this body sooner or later crashing the entire system.

The factors precipitating various disorders of the liver: modern ecology, unhealthy food, constant stress, alcoholism, smoking and so on.

Some of these factors can easily be avoided. For this the person needs to begin to lead a healthy lifestyle, but if the liver has already failed to work, then comes the aid of such a drug as “Essentiale N”.

This is a pharmaceutical tool has already proven to be one of the most effective. This drug prevents the development of various diseases of the liver and heals existing ailments. This medicine is endowed not only hepatopathy, but and hepatoprotective properties. This drug is effective and harmless, it causes no side effects.

Acting on the liver, “Essentiale N” not only normalises membrane of hepatocytes, but also has a stimulating effect on their recovery. Before using the drug should consult with a specialist.

The choice of dose Essentiale N phospholipids

The preparation is intended for intravenous or intramuscular administration. In the absence of other recommendations of the doctor the drug should be administered slowly intravenously, at a dosage of 1-2 ampoules (5-10 ml) or in severe cases – 2-4 capsules (10-20 ml) per day.

The contents of the two vials may be injected at the same time. Do not mix this drug in the same syringe with other drugs. It is recommended to dilute the solution in the patient’s blood at a ratio of 1:1.

If necessary, dilutions of the drug is only used 5% or 10% dextrose solution for infusion is administered, and the diluted drug solution should remain transparent at all times during the introduction. It introduced the drug and electrolyte solutions (isotonic solution, ringer’s solution).


Essential phospholipids are the main elements of the structure of the cell membrane and cell organelles. Liver disease accompanied by damage to the membranes of liver cells and their organelles, which leads to impaired activity of their associated enzymes and receptor systems.

There has been a deterioration of the functional activity of liver cells and decreased ability to regenerate. The phospholipids contained in the composition of the drug “Essentiale N”, in its chemical structure, correspond to endogenous phospholipids, but exceeds the endogenous phospholipids on the activity due to the higher content of polyunsaturated (essential) fatty acids.

The embedding of these energy molecules in the damaged areas of the cell membranes of hepatocytes restores the integrity of liver cells, promotes their regeneration.

CIS-double bonds of polyunsaturated fatty acids prevent the parallel arrangement of hydrocarbon chains in the phospholipids of cell membranes. Changing the phospholipid structure of cell membranes of hepatocytes, this improves metabolism.

The generated function blocks increase the activity fixed on the membranes of enzymes and promote normal, physiologic way of cycle of crucial metabolic processes.

The phospholipids contained in the composition of this drug regulate the metabolism of lipoproteins, and transport of neutral fats and cholesterol to oxidation. This occurs by increasing the ability of HDL to cholesterol contact.

Before the drug turns out to be a normalizing effect on the metabolism of lipids and proteins, detoxication function of the liver, the recovery and preservation of the cellular structure of the liver and phospholipid-dependent enzyme systems, which ultimately prevents the formation of scar tissue in the  liver.

Phospholipids ampoules bulk

Pharmacological properties

The phospholipids contained in the composition of the drug “Essentiale N”, regulate the metabolism of lipoproteins, carry neutral fat and cholesterol to oxidation.

This occurs by increasing the ability of HDL to cholesterol contact. Is a normalising effect on the metabolism of lipids and proteins, detoxication function of the liver, the recovery of the cellular structure of the liver and phospholipid-dependent enzyme systems, which prevents the formation of scar tissue in the liver.

Communicating with the high-density lipoproteins, phosphatidylcholine enters the liver cells. The half-life of the choline component is 66 hours, and the excretion of unsaturated fatty acids occurs in 32 hours.

The principle of “Essentiale N”

Due to the fact that the composition of the “Essentiale N” includes phospholipids from soybeans, it normalizes the metabolism of lipids, proteins and detoxification function of the liver, promotes the restoration and preservation of its cells, the structure of the organ and enzyme systems.

The drug inhibits the formation of connective tissue and is good for the cardiovascular system, prevents the process fatty liver.

Indications for use “Essentiale N”

This drug regulates the liver, so it is recommended to apply when violations of its functions, resulting from the following diseases and conditions:

  • Fatty degeneration of the liver of various etiologies (including liver in diabetes);
  • Acute and chronic hepatitis;
  • Cirrhosis of the liver;
  • Necrosis and degeneration of liver cells of various origins;
  • Liver coma and precoma;
  • Toxic damage of hepatic parenchyma;
  • Morning sickness during pregnancy;
  • Liver damage in alcoholism;
  • Psoriasis;

The drug is indicated to prevent complications in the postoperative period, especially if surgical intervention was carried out in the abdominal cavity.

An important recommendation

Starting treatment with the drug “Essentiale Forte N”, especially if you need to take this drug over a long period, it is recommended to choose the form of production of the drug, which does not contain vitamins. Thus you can avoid the likelihood of overdose.

How to use “Essentiale N” in ampoules?

Produced in ampoules of 5 ml “Essentiale N” is intended to introduce it intravenously. The most common dosage is 1-2 capsules a day. In severe illness the dosage can be increased in 2 times.

The solution for injection should not be diluted. The drug is injected into a vein in pure form and very slowly. “Essentiale N” in vials contains benzyl alcohol. The drug is contraindicated for children under 3 years.

Side effects while taking the drug “Essentiale N”

“Essentiale N” is tolerated by most patients very well. Sometimes the patients are minor violations of the gastrointestinal tract that manifest as discomfort in the abdominal area and loose stools.

In cases of hypersensitivity of the patient to the active substance or auxiliary components of the drug noted the development of allergic reactions.

Storage conditions and shelf-life of the drug “Essentiale N”

According to the instructions, “Essentiale N” should be stored in a dry, protected from direct sunlight the ground and out of reach of children place at room temperature (25 degrees Celsius).

Essentiale is recommended to store at temperatures between 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. Shelf life of injection solution is three years from the date of issue.

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